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Over the past seven years, Norwalk Children's Foundation has worked to identify the issues effecting children in Norwalk. We collaborate with other community partners to identify needs, create plans, facilitate connections and create solutions that expands the support network for Norwalk’s children and their families.

We focus in four key program areas; early childhood, health, mentoring and out-of-school time. However, much of our efforts, outside of specific program initiatives, overlap and interconnect with other programs, institutions and organizations... to provide a web of support services for our children.

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All of our energy and donations go to programs that help Norwalk's children. 

From our inception, we pledged to give all we could in order to make the largest impact possible for the children of Norwalk. Our team is focused on finding solutions to the issues effecting Norwalk’s children; regardless of where they come from. Our board underwrites all of the NCF’s administrative and fundraising costs so 100% of donations go directly to programs helping Norwalk's children.

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Building a support network

NCF is focused on solving the complex problems that face Norwalk’s children by whatever means necessary. We create new programs, fund programs and support partners & community members... our goal is to do whatever it takes to provide a child with access to equitable opportunities.

  • Early Childhood

    Supporting children from birth to age five to develop skills for learning, their physical and social and emotional health.

  • Health

    Providing parents and children with the tools and information to make healthy choices.

  • Mentoring

    Engaging adolescents in regular activities to build basic life skills, positive social norms and strong values.

  • Out-of-School Time

    Contributing to children’s intellectual, enrichment and academic needs.